2021 Schedule

Thursday, April 15


  9:00 am  Welcome / Introduction 

  9:30 am  Author Talk with Ana Siqueira

10:45 am  Illustrator Demo & Talk with Robert Liu-Trujillo

11:45 am  Kids’ Hands-on Activity: create a cartonera book

12:30 pm  Break

  1:00 pm  Author Talk with Traci Sorell

  2:00 pm  Storytelling in Diné, Spanish, and English with REFORMA-NM                                      (Brianna, Diego, Isabela, Gabriela)

  3:00 pm  Author Talk with Enrique Lamadrid, discussing Amadito and the 
                Hero Children / Amadito y los Niños Héroes

  4:00 pm  Presentation featuring Dr. Leila Flores-Dueñas.

                Choosing culturally appropriate children’s books.

  5:00 pm  Bilingual Storytime - Sponsored by Nusenda

                A Day with Yayah by Nicola I. Campbell, illus. by Julie Flett

Friday, April 16


  9:00 am  Author Talk with Cathy Camper

 10:00 am Author Talk with Matt de la Peña

 11:00 am Kids’ Hands-on Activity: Animales americanos a mano / Animal art with                       recycled materials hosted by LA librería co-founder and co-owner, 
Celene Navarrete 

11:30 am  Author Talk with René Colato Laínez

12:30 pm  Break

  1:00 pm  Cantando a Tonantsi (Nahuatl/Spanish/English) with Dra. Concepción 
                Saucedo Martinez, Rocío Cervantes Garcia, Xóchitl Guerrero, Yolpaki                       Xihuit

  2:00 pm  Panel featuring Dr. Enrique Lamadrid & Dr. Damián Vergara                              Wilson,UNM: "Libros nuevomexicanos para niños, jóvenes y maestros:                       Bilingual books for Home and School"

  3:00 pm  Kids’ Hands-on Activity: create your own pop-up book
  4:00 pm
 Bilingual Storytime - Sponsored by Nusenda

                How Chile Came to New Mexico by Rudolfo Anaya,

                illustrated by Nicolás Otero

Saturday, April 17


  9:00 am  Author Talk & Cooking Demonstration with Maria Gomez  

10:00 am  Author Talk with Raynelda A. Calderon

11:00 am  Author Talk with Viviana Torres

11:30 am  Living in Translation: A Songwriting Workshop for All Ages with Kid
               Quixotes of Brooklyn (limited space, registration required)

12:00 pm  Author Talk with Alexandra Diaz

  1:00 pm  Illustrator Demo & Talk with Xavier Garza

  2:00 pm  Panel featuring Edward Wemytewa & Dr. Lee Francis 4, Native Realities

                "Native Art in Children's Books"

  3:00 pm  Teacher Workshop with Dr. Anna Nogar, UNM
                "Bilingual, Bicultural, Regional Children's Books" 

  4:00 pm  Story Time with Las Flores del Valle

Sunday, April 18


  9:00 am  Author/Illustrator Talk with Eric Velasquez  

10:00 am  Illustrator Demo & Talk with Amy Córdova y Boone

11:00 am  Author Talk with Sarah Sierra & Stephen Haff

12:00 pm  Author Reading with Naibe Reynoso (Be Bold! Be Brave! 11 American 
               Latinas who made U.S. History / ¡Sé Audaz! ¡Sé Valiente!: 11 Latinas que
               hicieron historia en los Estados Unidos

12:30 pm  Author Reading with Jessica Gonzalez (Luna, Yes!/Luna, ¡Sí!)

  1:00 pm  Zine Workshop with Breena Nuñez

  2:00 pm  Teacher Workshop with Latin American & Iberian Institute, UNM
"Windows, Mirrors and Doors: Bilingual Literature for a Culturally
                 Responsive Classroom"

 3:00 pm  Story Time with SWOP (Southwest Organizing Project)

 4:00 pm  Closing